For Users

Users of Webmin, Usermin or Virtualmin looking for support should post to either the mailing list or the Webmin forum hosted by SourceForge.

If you have found what looks like a bug, post it to the Webmin bug tracker or Usermin bug tracker.

If you just want to be informed of new releases, sign up for the Webmin announcements mailing list, or check back at this website regularly.

For Developers

Anyone wanting to write their own Webmin modules or contribute to the core distribution should first read the module writer's guide. For support, join the development mailing list, or email me directly.

If you have created your own module or theme, please post it on the third-party modules list. Patches to the Webmin core modules should be sent to me for vetting and inclusion in future releases.

If you want to work on core Webmin code, check out the page on using the Webmin Git repository, which is hosted on Github.

For Translators

New and updated translations for Webmin modules are always welcome. You should read the documentation on creating translations, and then download the wbmtranslator Webmin module, which makes it easy to edit and submit new languages.